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Take control of your reviews

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What's your growth strategy?

Whatever your growth strategy, online reviews are an essential ingredient.
Here's what you need to know:
  • 1.5% of consumers write reviews and control your online reputation
  • 97% of consumers read online reviews (2017)
  • 94% of consumers would use a business with a four-star rating
  • 57% of consumers would use a business with a three-star rating
  • 73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant
Real Word of Mouth helps you get more reviews, higher ratings, and keeps them fresh.

Take control

Don't let a few customers over-influence your reviews.
We help you hear from ALL of your customers:
  • Get private feedback from all your customers with surveys they want to respond to
  • Quickly identify unhappy customers and make things right - and earn a positive review instead of a negative one
  • Amplify happy customer voices and let your reviews and reputation promote themselves
Real Word of Mouth systematically repairs, builds and protects your reputation.

No time?

Make your customers your marketing engine, and get more customers in a completely automated way.
Our review generation, review management and online presence tools make it simple:
  • Generate and place your customer reviews everywhere it matters - including streaming reviews to your own website
  • Promote your reviews in search engines with rich SEO
  • Collect customer marketing information with a simple Kiosk at your appointment, reception or service desk
Real Word of Mouth can dramatically increase review volume and ratings, drive higher customer acquisition and boost revenue.

Engage your team

Boost the performance of your customer-facing team: agents, managers, customer service, or specialists with some friendly competition.
  • Build comraderie
  • Keep your team focused with real-time reputation statistics
  • Drive and reward individual performance with a team leader board that gives top performers an online marketing boost and extra motivation
From your customer-facing team to your customer experience, Real Word of Mouth drives business excellence and customer loyalty every step of the way.

Build the reputation you deserve

Engage your customers

As the old cliché goes, "What gets measured, gets done."
Customer experience (CX) is a team effort. Engage your customers, collect customer feedback and measure customer experience:
  • Use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) to measure customer experience and predict business growth. NPS is a key measurement for customer experience management programs around the world.
  • Connect your front-line employees directly with detailed customer feedback
  • Surface problems quickly, and make things right
  • Inspire team ownership and accountability for customer success and failure

Customer Focus

Listen to your customer’s voice throughout their journey, and gain visibility and key insights into their customer experience.
  • Build continuous learning and improvement into your daily customer interactions
  • Measure company and individual team member performance over time
  • Navigate complexity and change in your business, and minimize customer frustration

Feedback Kiosk

Your team can initiate client feedback immediately after a customer experience using the Feedback Kiosk, whether on the road, at the office, or in the store. Identify at-risk clients as quickly as possible, and make things right to protect your brand.
The Feedback Kiosk is a web app that runs on your phone, tablet or desktop. Clients can enter their name and email, and are instantly sent a short NPS survey while their customer experience is still fresh in their minds. It can be used in a wide range of client settings, including:
  • Point of Sale – If you have walk-in clients, where clients are not always in your CRM database, you can capture both their feedback and contact information.
  • On-site – You can easily initiate the NPS survey while at the client’s location. No need to wait until you’re back in the office.
  • HIPAA – For healthcare professionals, the Feedback Kiosk can automatically gather patient consent and signatures at the same time the NPS survey is sent.

Drive Sales

Empower individual employees to promote their personal brand to generate reviews and referral business, while remaining compliant with your corporate branding - a powerful tool for agents, business development staff, and experts (e.g. consultants, trainers, and stylists).
Further drive and reward individual performance with a team leader board. The leader board measures customer experience for each team member, and rewards the leaders with top spots on your corporate microsite.
  • Guide microsite visitors to your team members that provide the best customer experience as an extra incentive
  • Level the playing field - seniority or tenure don’t matter, customer experience does
  • Update in real-time, and keep your team competing

Review Builder

The Review Builder makes it especially easy for your clients to write a review. Simply use the Review Builder to send a customized email to each client. The email contains a personal message from you together with a unique link that eliminates significant barriers to writing a review:
  • No registration. There is no service to join, and no username or password to create or remember.
  • No navigation. There are no steps to follow except to click on the link in the email they receive from the Review Builder. Even clients uncomfortable with computers and technology will find writing a review to be easy and foolproof.
  • Review editing. The only thing a client needs to edit their review in the future is the original email that they received from the Review Builder.
  • Mobile friendly. A client can start writiing a review on their phone, and later edit their review elsewhere. All they need is the original email from the Review Builder.

Live Review Widget

Real Word of Mouth provides third-party reviews that can be displayed directly on your website where clients and prospects are guaranteed to find them. The Live Review Widget allows you to leverage your reviews and social media to build and share your online reputation.
  • Independent - Third-party reviews, displayed in real-time, are more trusted than testimonials.
  • Customizable - The size and colors of the reviews can be customized to match your official website for a professional presentation.
  • Easy to install - Your website developer can, in a matter of minutes, easily add your Real Word of Mouth reviews to your website using simple copy-paste code. The Live Review Widget works with most any website platform from Bootstrap, Drupal and Wordpress to fully custom and corporate websites.
  • Phone, tablet and desktop - The Live Review Widget is fully responsive and will integrate with the latest responsive websites as well as conventional non-responsive websites.

Real Reviews

Real Word of Mouth does not support anonymous reviews.
As a business owner, you can see the full name for the author of every public client review about your business.
At Real Word of Mouth, we believe that a reviewer should take responsibility for what they say in public - which includes sharing their identity with the business owner and the community.
The result of this policy is fewer hearsay comments and fake reviews.

Public Reviews

There are two types of client reviews on Real Word of Mouth - public and private.
Public reviews are visible to everyone and anyone, including search engines and social media. Over 80% of your prospects will check out your business online before working with you, and you want to be ready for their searches.
Public reviews can:
  • Build your public reputation - Reviews are often the first thing prospects look for when they check you out and vet the quality of your business. Some say that the only thing worse than a negative reputation is no reputation at all.
  • Provide a reputation buffer - The worst possible scenario is that your very first and only review is a negative one. By having a number of reviews, a negative review is not the only thing a prospect will see.
  • Show your business is active and vibrant - more reviews demonstrate your experience, and show that more people choose to do business with you.
  • Keep your reputation current - Prospects are often more interested in recent reviews than older ones.

Private Reviews

On Real Word of Mouth, public reviews written by your clients not only reach the general public, but are also visible to the friends, friends of friends, groups and teams of your clients on Real Word of Mouth.
Users with personal accounts can also share private reviews with people they know. Each private review is only visible to people that the user selects to see that review.
Private reviews are different from public reviews:
  • Permission-based - Users choose who can and cannot read their private reviews.
  • 100% Private - Users only know about reviews that they have permission to read. Otherwise, users won't even know the private reviews exist. This means that as a business owner, you cannot read private reviews about your business.
  • Public reviews are included - Although you may not know what clients are saying in private reviews about your business, you can be confident that they will also see your public reviews alongside the private reviews for a more complete picture of your business.
  • Average review rating is calculated using the reviews that you can read. This means that private reviews do not affect your public review rating.

Manage Your Reviews

Anyone with internet access can write a review about your business. This includes customers, competitors and even disgruntled employees. Real Word of Mouth provides a filter to help you manage inappropriate and fake reviews.
Here is how the review filter works:
  • It changes a public review to a private review. The filter strikes a balance between responsible public reviews and the abiity for anyone to say anything privately.
  • Only public reviews can be filtered. As a business owner, you can only filter public reviews. What people say privately among people they know remains private.
  • Filtered reviews remain visible privately. Someone took the time to write about your business. We respect their time, effort, and opinion, and allow filtered reviews to continue to be read privately by people the reviewer knows.
  • Filtered reviews are never removed. Only the person who wrote a review has the ability to delete a review.

Feature Your Best Reviews

Put your best reviews in the spotlight, so that prospects and clients get the best impression of your business.
  • Appear first - Featured reviews appear at the top of the list of reviews so that visitors can read them first.
  • No limit - Feature as many reviews as you like.
  • Clearly labeled - Featured reviews are clearly labeled as "Featured" so that readers know that these were selected by you.

Ultimate Review Widget

The review widget has everything you need to showcase your reputation:
  • Add reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more - while remaining compliant with the Terms of Service for each site
  • Attribute each review to the online review site it comes from
  • Stream reviews to the widget - reviews are automatically updated in real-time
  • Size the widget to fit virtually any place on your website - from full page to single review
  • Customize color and format with Over 30 settings to choose from
  • Transition between reviews with over 40 animation styles
  • Display reviews with stars
  • Display reviews as testimonials without stars
  • Responsive design means it looks awesome on any screen - phone, tablet or desktop
  • Easy to install on any HTML webpage, including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla
No code to write. Build your widget by changing settings, and preview your new widget in real-time. Once you like what you see, copy-paste the HTML onto your webpage - it's that easy and flexible.
See live examples from real businesses below.

Multiple Reviews

Display multiple reviews that customers can scroll through and easily explore. For example:
  • Provide a dedicated review page on your website
  • Embed on your home page as "What our customers say"
  • Use our Team Feedback option, and display separate reviews on your website under your team member profiles
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 480 pixels
  • Outer background color: #EEE
  • Review sides padding: 20 pixels

Single Review

Display one review at a time with over 40 animated transitions to choose from:
  • Size to fit anywhere on any page
  • Draw attention to your reviews with animations
  • Option to select and feature only one review
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 280 pixels
  • Outer background color: #EEE
  • Review length: 120 characters
  • Animation: display 7 seconds then fadeOut
  • Review details: social sharing on, no headline
  • Reviewer information: no profile picture, no job title
  • Review sides padding: 15 pixels


Tastefully add reviews into any webpage, no matter what style or how big or small the space available.
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 170 pixels, no header, no footer
  • Background color: #333
  • Review length: 100 characters for smallest phone screen
  • Animation: 4 seconds then zoomOutDown
  • Reviewer information: no job title, no picture
  • Review details: testimonial format, no headline, no social sharing
  • Review sides padding: 0 pixels

No Competing Ads

Competing ads hurt your brand.
There are no ads on Real Word of Mouth. Your business microsite is much more than just an online profile, it is exclusively about your business.
Real Word of Mouth is a subscription supported service, which is why you don't see any ads. We choose not to have advertising because ads often clutter the page, can cheapen the appearance of a service, distract or confuse visitors, and even annoy some visitors.
Research has demonstrated that, as the number of ads present on a page increases, recall of brand information declines. This problem is most serious when the competing ads are from the same product category - which is usually the case with online advertising.
Think twice about using a service that has competing ads or "Related Businesses" on your business profile.

Your Brand

Your brand helps you stand out from the crowd.
Real Word of Mouth allows your brand to shine. You've worked hard to develop and build your brand. We make sure you can continue to leverage your brand without distraction or competition.
Here's how you can make your Real Word of Mouth profile truly your own:
  • Logo or profile image that makes your profile immediately recognizable.
  • Large banner graphic for your business that is immediately recognizable and memorable.
  • No competing colors. Most of the profile visual elements are a neutral gray color that will not clash with your brand.
  • Social media links to your other social media properties like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Dedicated pages so that visitors can learn about your business at a glance, including a page "About" your business, a "Bio" about you, and your "Specialties". Use all, some or none of these pages to customize your Real Word of Mouth profile.

Professional Design

Real Word of Mouth is designed for high-end professionals who are at the top of their game, and whose clients expect a high-touch and bespoke experience. Your profile is designed to perform at the highest level:
  • Brand-centric. Your brand is the first thing a visitor sees.
  • Review-centric. Your reviews and reputation - right after your brand - are the second thing a visitor sees.
  • Responsive. Not only does responsive design make your profile look great on any screen and any device, but Google gives responsive websites higher search rankings when searching from a mobile device.
  • Structured data helps the search engines "understand" your content better and rank your profile higher.
  • Flat graphics. The use of simple and bold graphics keeps visitors focused on the message rather than being distracted by fancy detailed graphics and gimmics.
  • Typography. Real Word of Mouth uses fonts that are more legible and considered more professional than the free fonts most commonly found on websites.
  • Air. The amount of blank space around images and text is sometimes referred to as "air". More air helps visitors relax and focus when viewing your profile.

Profile Dashboard

Update any element of your profile in a matter of seconds, including:
  • No code. Just fill in basic forms and fields. Your profile automatically looks great.
  • No delays. Changes to your profile take place immediately without delay.
  • Images that you upload for your banner and profile are automatically resized and positioned. Follow our simple guidelines for images to look their best.
  • SEO. Choose to optimize search for either your company brand or your personal brand.
  • Contact. Choose how much or how little contact information to include on your profile.
  • Information pages. Update, add or remove information pages as you see fit for your brand.


Real Word of Mouth taps into Google Analytics and extracts the information that is most meaningful. Learn from what cities and states and even countries your visitors are coming from. Which cities are most interested in your services? How did they find you? Via search engines? Which ones? Were they referred by other websites?
Get answers to these questions and more to learn how effective your marketing is.


Visitors that show more interest in your business are tracked as unique leads.
Are they an existing client, or a new prospect? What days and times did they visit? Where are they from? Did they read your reviews? Look at a map or get directions? Read about you? Did they call you? Or visit your website or social media pages?
Real Word of Mouth Analytics tells you what you need to know.
Lead analysis


Important insights like age and gender can help you better understand your customers and prospects.
Live Review Widget

Raw Data

Want to do a deep dive?
If you run a marketing campaign, you can look at your visitor activity minute-by-minute, and see:
  • New versus returning visitors
  • Where they are located
  • When exactly they visited - down to the minute
  • Dates and times can be displayed in any time zone of your choice. This is especially useful when you have visitors from around the globe.
    Visitor data can be easily searched and sorted to help you find what you're looking for quickly.
    no review manipulation

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization makes your profile and reviews easily findable in major search engines. Once a prospect has heard about your business, more than 80% will check you out online before working with you, and will search for independent third-party reviews. Real Word of Mouth uses advanced on-page SEO techniques to help you get found, including:
    • Business contact - Everything from business name, address, phone, contact and title are marked up for search.
    • Rich Snippets - These include review mark-up and category breadcrumbs. Each review, rating and author are highlighted for search engines.
    • Open Graph tags - Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ require additional information for posts to be found in these social networks.

    Social Media

    Your reviews can be easily shared across social media platforms to reach targetted audiences:
    • Social Media Platforms - Your clients can post their reviews to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
    • Optimized Posts - Posts of client reviews are optimized to look their best on social media by using optional information called schemas that control which images are used, the format of the post, title, description, and more.
    • Private Channels - Reviews can be shared using custom links that can be pasted into email, text messages, chat sesions and anywhere else a link can be inserted.
    SEC logo


    Regulated professionals need to comply with a variety of rules regarding privacy, security, data protection, and advertising.
    Real Word of Mouth makes sure that you remain in compliance when you interact with your clients for feedback and reviews. We support the following industries:

    HIPAA Secure Communication

    The first step to ensuring that your patients' PHI (Personal Health Information) is secure, is by securing all communication between your web browser and Real Word of Mouth.
    All Real Word of Mouth communication is secured using Qualys A-rated communications. This means that all PHI that is exchanged between your practice and Real Word of Mouth is encrypted and unreadable except by you.
    And all communications between Real Word of Mouth and your patients are equally secure.
    We take care of all the details - no special software or instructions are needed by you or your patients. It all just works.

    HIPAA Encrypted PHI

    Once your patient data is received by Real Word of Mouth using secure communication, it remains encrypted.
    HIPAA requires that we protect your patient data against a worst-case scenario - data theft by a hacker or web attacker. Data encryption ensures that if your patient data is stolen, it will be unreadable and cannot be decoded.
    In addition to securing your data, we also place all of our servers in a physically secure facility that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

    HIPAA Compliance

    Securing your communications and your patient data, and obtaining patient consent alone are not enough to insure HIPAA compliance.
    We will help you integrate Real Word of Mouth into your business office, reception, and back office policies so that you remain HIPAA compliant.

    State Bar Rules Compliance

    Each state bar has its own rules of professional responsibility and ethics.
    Often, these rules require that lawyers state in a prominent manner certain information (disclaimers) that can help prevent prospective clients from being confused or misled about the attorney's services.
    Real Word of Mouth provides a clear disclaimer at the top of your client reviews that can be customized according to the State Bar Rules for your jurisdiction so that you can conform to the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct (the “Model Rules,” which have been adopted in full or to a great degree in many states). The ABA links below are a good place to start:
    • Rule 7.1: Communications Concerning a Lawyer's Services: Specific Rules - Comment
    • Rule 7.2: Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services: Specific Rules - Comment

    SEC Social Media Guidance

    Real Word of Mouth reviews comply with the 2014 SEC guidance on the testimonial rule and social media. Prior to this, the SEC considered a review to be a testimonial and therefore prohibited financial advisors from using reviews on their websites and social media properties. However, as of March 2014, the SEC has made it possible for advisors to use reviews if the reviews are:
    • Third-party - Independent reviews are collected and hosted by a third-party like Real Word of Mouth, Google, Yelp, and others.
    • Real-time - Reviews and any edits are published immediately without any delay.
    • Complete - All reviews in their entirety must be published.
    • Not manipulated - The advisor or their proxy cannot approve, select, hightlight, suppress, or order their reviews. For example, recommendations on LinkedIn violate SEC rules because an advisor can approve or disapprove (manipulate) their LinkedIn recommendations.
    Not comfortable with online reviews? Then only use our feedback tools. Use Real Word of Mouth to continuously improve your practice with Customer Feedback and the Net Promoter Score. A better customer experience will grow your practice with more organic client referrals, and without online reviews.

    SEC Review Take-Down Switch

    If for any reason you need to stop displaying your reviews, we make it possible with our SEC compliant Review Take-Down Switch.
    You can choose between displaying all of your reviews, or hiding all of your reviews. The action is immediate, and takes place on Real Word of Mouth, as well as any properties where you are using the Review Widget.
    In a world where anyone can say anything about you and your practice, the Review Take-Down Switch provides you with peace of mind.

    SEC No Review Manipulation

    Real Word of Mouth does not provide any means for financial advisors or anyone acting on their behalf to manipulate reviews. In fact, you cannot accidentally violate the SEC rules for reviews while using Real Word of Mouth. For example, we make sure that you:
  • Cannot hand-pick reviews to promote, feature or highlight
  • Cannot select reviews to suppress or demote
  • Cannot edit a review written by your client
  • Cannot change the order in which reviews are displayed
  • Every review - good, bad or otherwise - will be published online. Fortunately, you can use the Review Take-Down Switch to instantaneously hide or publish all of your reviews at any time.

    Trusted Vendors

    Trusted vendor recommendations at your fingertips.

    CX + Reputation

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