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Business Intelligence

Your team is interacting with partners, vendors and competitors daily, and are constantly sharing their experiences with colleagues through email, by phone, or around the watercooler. This is the intelligence that gives your organization its competitive edge. Real Word of Mouth makes it easy to capture, search, and share this intelligence in an easy to use review format:
  • Know your source - who said what and when. Detailed attribution is automatically captured so that you can spot trends over time, resolve conflicting information, or go back to the source of the information for more details.
  • Detailed contact information gets you to the right person at the vendor quickly, complete with maps and navigation if you're on the road.
  • Powerful search, browse and filter tools help you rapidly find the information you need.
  • Concierge service. When clients look to your team for vendor recommendations, Real Word of Mouth has your business intelligence readily available so that your team can provide consistent and quality recommendations to your clients.

Institutional Knowledge

Individuals in your organization know how to get things done. When they leave, often that knowledge leaves with them. This is especially true of organizations with regularly changing leadership and a significant volunteer base. Preserve this institutional knowledge with Real Word of Mouth.
  • Review text can contain helpful tips and notes on how to best work with a vendor, or perhaps service codes and product names, or recommended quantities for a project.
  • Search or browse by person to find all the vendor information contributed by someone.
  • Use the aggregate rating to identify better vendors and services.
  • Identify alternatives by searching or browsing by category.