Get properties to market faster

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Get properties to market faster

Preparing properties for sale or move-in needs to happen quickly and smoothly, and often involves a wide variety of vendors. Your vendors are your competitive edge.
Real Word of Mouth effortlessly builds and maintains a deep bench of vendors for your team, so you can keep your transactions flowing.
We keep your preferred vendor information current, growing, and at your fingertips for a variety of real estate transactions:
  • Residential and commercial sales
  • Property management
  • Short-term rentals
  • Relocation
  • Design and construction

Email is the backbone

Email is still the communication backbone of business. It is ubiquitous and egalitarian, touching every level of your organization.
Significant vendor intelligence is exchanged by your team via email, but is often lost and forgotten in their inboxes, and inconsistently shared with your entire team. When someone leaves the team, some of that institutional knowledge leaves with that person.
Real Word of Mouth privately captures your vendor intelligence automatically and effortlessly from these email exchanges, building your institutional knowledge as your team and business evolve.


Send your email request for a vendor recommendation to us, and we’ll do the rest.
After we distribute your request to your team, you get direct email responses with their recommendations and comments. In parallel, our solution analyzes your team recommendations to identify the vendors. Vendors are automatically categorized, with complete contact information, together with rich and nuanced comments from your team.
Our algorithms also automatically respond to your request by matching your request to past vendor recommendations from your team. If matches are found, we instantly email them to you.
No app to install. No training. No data entry. Just smart, private, and effortless.

We work the way you do

We work the way you do, not the other way around. We put people at the center of the Digital Workplace, not technology.
Our tools fit naturally into your daily email and workflow, rather than layer on more tools for you to learn and manage.
Real Word of Mouth was built to do one thing extremely well – automatically capture and share vendor intelligence, keep it private, and make it easy to find and leverage from end to end - from initial client-need to delivering vendor referrals to your client.
Are you a power user? Want to do a deep dive into your vendor list? You can do that, too. Easily search, browse, filter, sort and research your vendors with our web app.
Prefer a hardcopy of your vendor directory sorted by category? You can print one any time.


In a high-touch industry, your clients expect trusted referrals from you. Not just professional recommendations, but possibly personal recommendations, too. And sometimes long after the transaction.
With a deep vendor bench, you can refer not one, but several vendors, giving your clients a choice to find the best fit.
We are focused on the properties and communities where you live and work. Our unique technology works in any service-centric industry that thrives on referrals, from financial and legal services, to healthcare, wellness and hospitality.

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