Responsive Design

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Any Screen

Because Real Word of Mouth uses responsive design, it always looks great and is easy to use on any size screen - phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
You can even start writing a review on your phone, and finish writing the review later on your laptop or desktop.
Whether you are at home, in your office, or out and about, you can always access the reviews, contact information, and directions for the businesses you care about.

Any Device

Real Word of Mouth is available anywhere and anytime you need it.
If one day your refrigerator or car has a built-in internet connection with a browser, Real Word of Mouth will work there, too.
  • No app or special software to install or update.
  • Any browser - all modern HTML5 browsers will work: Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer 10+, Opera, and Safari
  • Any phone or tablet - Android (Google, Samsung), iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad), RIM (Blackberry), Silk (Amazon Kindle), and Windows (Nokia, Motorola)
  • Any computer - Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS