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Privacy Control

You may not necessarily want to share every review with everyone. But you may still want to share some reviews with just people you know. We provide powerful and easy-to-use privacy settings that create a rich source of trusted reviews:
  • Friends - share your review with just your friends and no one else.
  • Friends of Friends - share your review with not only your friends, but also their friends.
  • Group members - Real Word of Mouth allows you to create groups. Group members don't have to be your friends, but are usually people you know who share a common interest, belong to the same organization, or perhaps live in the same neighborhood or HOA with you. You can choose which groups to share with.
  • Public - share with the general public, everyone and anyone. Your review will be visible to the business owner, and will appear in search engines.
  • "Only Me" - Real Word of Mouth can be used as a personal and private directory of businesses, complete with private notes that only you can see.
  • Combine settings - for example, share with your friends and a group or two.
  • Write more than one review for the same business. For example, you can write a public review and a separate private review with more details just for your friends.

Real Reviews

There are no anonymous reviews on Real Word of Mouth.
Transparency and accountability promote responsible public reviews. For public reviews, your full name is visible to the business owner and the Real Word of Mouth community.
Privacy is necessary for free and open discussion among people you know. For private reviews we share absolutely nothing with business owners. Business owners don't know how many private reviews exist for their business, the review ratings, let alone who wrote them or what was said.

Rapid Review Entry

Real Word of Mouth minimizes the number of steps it takes to add a review:
  • Over 95 million businesses from around the globe are available for selection in Real Word of Mouth.
  • Add a new business easily if it's not already in Real Word of Mouth. This is especially helpful for businesses and services that don't have websites.
  • Two clicks are often all it takes to add a new review.
  • Simple and intuitive design makes Real Word of Mouth easy to use whether you are a frequent or occasional user.
  • Phone, tablet or desktop access makes it possible for you to write a review whenever and wherever its convenient. You can even start writing a review on your phone and finish it on your home computer.

Search and Browse Reviews

Real Word of Mouth provides many options to find the businesses you are looking for:
  • Filter by relationship. Find reviews by only people you know. You can choose to see reviews just from friends, or from friends of friends if you want to see more. Or even just your reviews.
  • Filter by group. Narrow your search to reviews by members of a single group.
  • Filter by person. Simply click on someone's profile review picture, and see only the reviews they share with you.
  • Filter by range. Only see businesses within a specified distance from a location.
  • Hyperlocal. Use a street address to find businesses within walking distance, or get detailed navigation including mass transit or bicycle.
  • Browse by category. Explore Real Word of Mouth using the category browser.
  • Sort results by date, by rating, by distance from your location, and more.


No matter how or where you use Real Word of Mouth, we keep your information secure.
Even if you are using Real Word of Mouth on your cell phone at an internet cafe or hotel in a foreign country, we protect your information using the latest security standards, including 2048-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Certificate Encryption.