Add Your Team

Rapid Review Entry

Real Word of Mouth minimizes the number of steps it takes to capture business intelligence and institutional knowledge:
  • Over 95 million businesses from around the globe are available for selection in Real Word of Mouth.
  • Add a new business easily if it's not already in Real Word of Mouth. This is especially helpful for B2B vendors, sole proprietorships and regulated professionals that may not have a broad web presence.
  • Two clicks are often all it takes to add a new review for a business.
  • Simple and intuitive design makes Real Word of Mouth easy to use whether you are a frequent or occasional user.
  • Phone, tablet or desktop access makes it possible for you to write a review whenever and wherever its convenient.

Automatic Review Capture

For the ultimate in capture, Real Word of Mouth can automatically convert your individual emails into reviews.
  • Free form text means that you can write your email however you like and Real Word of Mouth will find and extract the information needed to form a review.
  • Automatic email with edit link is sent to you with a copy of each automatic review created, making it easy for you to verify the review content. Click on the link in the email if you need to make any edits.
  • Minimal training. If you use email, you can use Real Word of Mouth automatic review capture. No special commands. You don't even have to log in to Real Word of Mouth.
  • You are in control. Only the emails that you send to Real Word of Mouth will be converted into reviews.
  • No integration required. Your team can use any email client or a mix of email clients. Automatic review capture will work with minimal set-up and effort, and does not require any special IT expertise.