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Ultimate Review Widget

The review widget has everything you need to showcase your reputation:
  • Add reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more - while remaining compliant with the Terms of Service for each site
  • Attribute each review to the online review site it comes from
  • Stream reviews to the widget - reviews are automatically updated in real-time
  • Size the widget to fit virtually any place on your website - from full page to single review
  • Customize color and format with Over 30 settings to choose from
  • Transition between reviews with over 40 animation styles
  • Display reviews with stars
  • Display reviews as testimonials without stars
  • Responsive design means it looks awesome on any screen - phone, tablet or desktop
  • Install on any HTML webpage, and with any CMS from Wordpress to Drupal and Joomla
No code to write. Build your widget by changing settings, and preview your new widget in real-time. Once you like what you see, copy-paste the HTML onto your webpage - it's that easy and flexible.
See live examples from real businesses below.

Multiple Reviews

Display multiple reviews that customers can scroll through and easily explore. For example:
  • Provide a dedicated review page on your website
  • Embed on your home page as "What our customers say"
  • Use our Team Feedback option, and display separate reviews on your website under your team member profiles
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 480 pixels
  • Outer background color: #EEE
  • Review sides padding: 20 pixels

Single Review

Display one review at a time with over 40 animated transitions to choose from:
  • Size to fit anywhere on any page
  • Draw attention to your reviews with animations
  • Option to select and feature only one review
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 280 pixels
  • Outer background color: #EEE
  • Review length: 120 characters
  • Animation: display 7 seconds then fadeOut
  • Review details: social sharing on, no headline
  • Reviewer information: no profile picture, no job title
  • Review sides padding: 15 pixels


Tastefully add reviews into any webpage, no matter what style or how big or small the space available.
The settings for this widget example:
  • Widget height: 170 pixels, no header, no footer
  • Background color: #333
  • Review length: 100 characters for smallest phone screen
  • Animation: 4 seconds then zoomOutDown
  • Reviewer information: no job title, no picture
  • Review details: testimonial format, no headline, no social sharing
  • Review sides padding: 0 pixels