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Barron's Mobile Knife and Shear Sharpening ...more info

Brian Barron
Master Knife Maker

San Mateo, CA 94402 (21 miles away)
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Knife Sharpening


Brian, the owner of Barron Knives, is no ordinary knife sharpener - he is an award-winning master knife MAKER, and is passionate about his craft. He takes knife, bit, shear and tool sharpening to a whole new level. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my tools, because he understands metals, grinding speeds, honing, polishing and cutting angles better than anyone I've worked with. I do woodworking (hobbyist), and sharp chisels and bits make for crisp joints and easy work. In particular, my expensive Forstner bits seem to get dull more quickly, especially the larger 1.5-inch or 2-inch bits. Brian most recently restored my Forstner bits to as good as new (the big bits run true, and they don't tear), for a fraction of the price of replacing them. And treat yourself around the holidays (or any time of year) with freshly sharpened kitchen knives - you won't regret it!

Called on a Sunday expecting to leave a voicemail to be called back on Monday, Not only did Brian answer the phone but he also was able to show up on the same day \Sunday\. The knives that we had to sharpen were high quality Henkel Knives that have not been sharpened in the 20 years that we have owned them. Brian is friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about knives as he is a MASTER Knife Maker ( a real Craftsman ). The care that he shows for the cutlery, from the way he carefully packed the knives in his canvas bag to transport to his mobile workshop parked in front of my home to the delicate way he handles the blades during the sharpening process shows a true passion for his craft. No charge for the visit, just a bargain price of $6.00 per blade, had 15 knives, took him just about a half hour and the knives cut better than when they were new. I will be having Brian visit me about once a year from now on, I highly recommend Brian as real Craftsmen are a dying breed.

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