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Geometry Summer Course, Serra High School ...more info

Instructor: Mr. John Grosey
San Mateo, CA (19 miles away)
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Our son took Algebra 1 as a Freshman in high school. Under normal circumstances, the next full-year course would be Geometry. In lieu of this we asked and received permission from his high school for our son to instead take a six-week full-time course in Geometry. This course would satisfy the full-year requirement so that he would take Algebra 2 in the fall of his Sophomore year. It was far more challenging than we thought it would be to find this summer course! Turns out there were enrichment or remedial courses, but only one such accredited, true geometry "full year" summer course in the entire Bay Area! Fortunately for us it was close by - at Serra High School. The instructor, John Grosey, was thorough and encouraging to his 18 students (six of which were students from my son's San Francisco high school). While Serra is a private school, we found the tuition was reasonably priced.

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