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Split Step Tennis Lessons
Tennis Instructor

Foster City, CA 94404 (23 miles away)
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I first met Albert through my kids who took tennis clinics. Albert was patient, clever, and energetic. I asked Albert about five years ago if I could take lessons with him, to try to bring back my game after a twenty-five year break. He showed the same level of patience with me. Over the first year we diligently worked to bring back my basic strokes. In the second year he taught me to volley, and then taught me advanced strokes including backhand slice, forehand topspin, and net strategy (still working on this last one...). Being a kinesthetic learner, I find Albert is particularly good at helping me to 'feel' the game. Albert is very perceptive and refreshingly honest...he will tell you when you don't put forth the effort he thinks you are capable of. Only because he is serious, and passionate about your improving! For anyone wishing to \\bring back their game\\, Albert is a great instructor to hire.

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I needed a coach in San Mateo to bring my game to the next level, and I feel so happy to have met Albert! (Al) He saw my weaknesses and worked on them...and worked on them. I was able to not only get bumped up to the next level-4.0, but to achieve my goal of becoming #1 in N. Ca in 2014!! I have now moved up again and have a whole new set of challenges-Albert is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend him!

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