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Supreme, New York ...more info

274 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012 (2,800 miles away)
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Skating & Skateboarding

Supremely "hip" skateboard and clothing company. Jazz playing in the background, incense burning (sandal wood?) with the sticks just jammed into the concrete block wall. Youth will spend small fortunes on a shirt here - $62 for a T-shirt, for example. $200+ for a collared shirt, and $300+ for a jacket. Fairly minimalist interior with just a few clothes racks and shelves along two walls, skateboards and gear along the third wall, and the remaining wall is windows facing the sidewalk. A steady stream of shoppers is cruising through of all ages. Being not so youthful, I was told that I was a "poser" - truth hurts. And truth be told, I ended up with a T-shirt. Why? The logo was practically non-existent (I don't like logos) and no graphics, and the gage of the cotton was amazingly thick and comfortable - thicker than a T-shirt, but not as thick as sweats. Materials and construction really are "Supreme". I was eyeing a few of the decks, but I'll be honest - I just don't recover from falls the way I used to. So I enjoyed the nostalgia and remembered the days when Bahne, Sims and Bennett were the hot rides.

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