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Silicon Valley Natural Health

5595 Winfield Blvd., Suite 106
San Jose, CA 95123 (66 miles away)
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When I had a flu a few years ago, Cong offered to treat it and I was a bit skeptical only because needles was not something I'm very fond of. However, while being treated by Cong which didn't take as much time, I was beginning to feel a bit better. Cong is definitely the type to take his time and very knowledgeable in his profession. I highly recommend him and his expertise due to his willingness to assist patients and allow himself to be open if things are uncomfortable.

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A few years back, I pulled my back lifting a box incorrectly. I experienced excrutiating pain to the point where I could not sit to use the restroom. I called Kaiser and was told to call back in three days if it doesn't get better. I would be one of the last humans to willingly get poked by needles, but I called Cong for help. He treated my back using acupuncture and after 30 minutes, the pain was gone and I was able to comfortably move again. I used to occasionally have joint pain and went to Cong for that too. Heck, I even got acupuncture to get over a severe cold. If you are skeptical about acupuncture and not too certain who to trust, talk to Cong. You'll be in good hands.

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