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 Tempe, AZ

Andrew Rogers ...more info

AiR Audio Custom
1234 E. Knight Lane
Tempe, AZ 85284 (0 miles away)
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Manufacturing Services and Supplies

Andy builds great custom cables, on spec, and quickly. We discovered AiR Audio Custom on eBay and gave his standard cables a try and were very pleased. So we thought we'd give Andy a try with our custom needs. We operate a high-end audio preservation and mastering studio (http://www.theaudioarchive.com) that uses point-to-point wiring exclusively - no patch bays or switches. We require many custom cables to keep connections and cable lengths to a minimum, while being able to reconfigure the studio for each project. We wanted Mogami W2549, an extremely low capacitance and high quality microphone cable, for all of our low- and line-level signals with gold Neutrik (balanced) connectors. We color-code everything, both the cable jackets and the connectors (in/out, left/right) to minimize errors. We use cables in every length imaginable, from 1-foot to 30-foot. As complicated as our orders can get, Andy delivered exactly what we wanted. His pricing is very fair and we would gladly use AiR Audio Custom again for our custom audio cables.

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