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Critter Clippers Pet Grooming Salon & Boutique ...more info

Critter Clippers
Linda Mallory - Owner - Groomer

1350 Grant Road
Mountain View, CA 94040 (46 miles away)
2 Reviews

When I moved to Sunnyvale I was concerned I might not be able to find someone who could groom my two Bichons with the classic Bichon cut. Linda was recommended by someone in my Vet's office and I was thrilled with her work and I was especially pleased with Linda, who is one of the nicest ladies I have met.
Dianne C.

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Our Lab RJ LOVES Critter Clippers and all the great people who work there! RJ has been a Critter Clippers client for more than 5 years, since he was about 6 months old, and they have always done a fantastic job with his baths and grooming. He comes home clean and smelling great. His coat looks and feels great too. The staff is friendly, caring, and accommodating. We really appreciate the quality of their work and how well they treat RJ. Critter Clippers is the BEST!

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