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Engage your customers

Customer experience (CX) is a team effort. Engage at an individual level by collecting customer feedback for each of your customer-facing team members:
  • Connect front-line employees directly with customer feedback
  • Surface problems quickly, and make things right
  • Inspire ownership and accountability for customer success and failure


Listen to your customer’s voice throughout their journey, and gain visibility and key insights.
  • Build continuous learning and improvement into your daily customer interactions
  • Measure company and individual team member performance over time
  • Navigate complexity and change in your business, and minimize customer frustration

Drive Sales

Empower individual employees to promote their personal brand to generate reviews and referral business, while remaining compliant with your corporate branding - a powerful tool for agents, trainers, and stylists.
Further drive and reward individual performance with a team leader board. The leader board measures customer experience for each team member, and rewards the leaders with top spots on your corporate microsite.
  • Guide microsite visitors to your top people as an extra incentive
  • Level the playing field - seniority or tenure don’t matter
  • Update in real-time, and keep your team competing