Social Media and SEO

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Social Media

Your reviews can be easily shared across social media platforms to reach targetted audiences:
  • Social Media Platforms - Your clients can post their reviews to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter
  • Optimized Posts - Posts of client reviews are optimized to look their best on social media by using optional information called schemas that control which images are used, the format of the post, title, description, and more.
  • Private Channels - Reviews can be shared using custom links that can be pasted into email, text messages, chat sesions and anywhere else a link can be inserted.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization makes your profile and reviews easily findable in major search engines. Once a prospect has heard about your business, more than 80% will check you out online before working with you, and will search for independent third-party reviews. Real Word of Mouth uses advanced SEO techniques to help you get found, including:
  • Business contact - Everything from business name, address, phone, contact and title are marked up for search.
  • Rich Snippets - These include review mark-up and category breadcrumbs. Each review, rating and author are highlighted for search engines.
  • Author tags - Authenticate your Real Word of Mouth business profile with your Google+ profile.
  • Open Graph tags - Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ require additional information for posts to be found in these social networks.