HIPAA Compliance

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Secure Communication

The first step to ensuring that your patients' PHI (Personal Health Information) is secure, is by securing all communication between your web browser and Real Word of Mouth.
All Real Word of Mouth communication is secured using Qualys A-rated communications. This means that all PHI that is exchanged between you and Real Word of Mouth is encrypted and unreadable except by you.
And all communications between Real Word of Mouth and your patients are equally secure.
We take care of all the details - no special software or instructions are needed by you or your patients. It all just works.

Secure Data

Once your patient data is received by Real Word of Mouth using secure communication, it remains encrypted.
HIPAA requires that we protect your patient data against a worst-case scenario - data theft by a hacker or web attacker. Data encryption ensures that if your patient data is stolen, it will be unreadable and cannot be decoded.
You can never be too safe. In addition to securing your data, we also place all of our servers in a physically secure facility that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
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HIPAA Compliance

Although securing your communications and your patient data, and obtaining patient consent are required, it is not enough.
We will help you integrate Real Word of Mouth into your business office, reception, and back office policies so that you remain HIPAA compliant.