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Natalie Miner, L.Ac.,C.SMA ...more info

The Healing Point Acupuncture

900 N. San Antonio Road, Suite 103
Los Altos, CA 94022 (42 miles away)


Natalie Miner, L.Ac.,C.SMA

The Healing Point Acupuncture

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Acupuncture treatments can help to relieve pain and reduce stress to improve physical activity and keep you doing the things you love the most.

The Healing Point Acupuncture clinic will help you achieve optimum wellness to fulfill your goals, whether improving athletic performance, feeling more relaxed, or functioning at your very best.

Located in Los Altos California, Natalie Miner, L.Ac., C.SMA is a trusted partner to help you manage pain naturally and gain the freedom of life that you want.
Natalie’s unique professional background includes research in Mechanical Engineering, competitive sports, athletic coaching and psychology. She brings to her clients not only a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, but also a highly-trained ear that is helpful in dealing with mood disorders and stress management.

Prior to studying traditional Chinese medicine, for 15 years Natalie was a researcher in Academic Institute, then she became the director of a utilities consulting firm in Tartarstan, Russia. Her interest in competitive sports led her to become a Certified Sports Massage Therapist, and then a practitioner of Su Jok. She met her husband in 2000, and in 2001 moved to the US, where she continued her study and practice of alternative medicine.

• Licensed Acupuncturist (California)
• Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
• MS, Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of East West Medicine, Sunnyvale, CA
• BA, Psychology
• MS, Mechanical Engineering
• Relieve pain
• Release stress
• Improve performance
• Enhance appearance

Conditions commonly treated:
Sports Injuries: Frozen Shoulder/ Tennis Elbow/ Sprains/Strains/Overuse injuries/ Fatigue
Sports Enhanced Performance: Focus/Endurance/Relaxation/Concentration/Range of motion
Back Pain/ Sciatica
Headaches/ Migraines
Digestive Disorders
Back Pain/Sciatic Pain
Neck pain

Natalie Miner, L.Ac.,C.SMA ...more info

The Healing Point Acupuncture

900 N. San Antonio Road, Suite 103
Los Altos, CA 94022 (42 miles away)
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Debora's Review

Disclaimer: Client reviews do not constitute a guarantee, warantee, or prediction regarding services.

I recently had extensive oral surgery. The speculum used to keep my mouth open caused a good deal of swelling and bruising on my face. I had enormous cheeks, a blue/purple beard and mustache of substantial bruises and two black eyes. I used ice to help with the swelling; however, I was disfigured none-the-less. The doctor said it would be a good week to ten days for the swelling and bruising to diminish. I looked so frightful that I was virtually housebound.

I went to Natalie for some acupuncture to help with the internal swelling. Natalie also used an infrared wand on my face and followed up with a spray that stained my face yellow. She said to keep it on for the full day. I went home to wait it out.

The next morning it was miraculous!
The swelling and bruising on the entire right side of my face were gone.
The hard deep purple bruise down my laugh line on the left side was diminished by 50%. By the following day, I looked mostly healthy! The doctor said that after the bruising faded, I would have a yellow pallor, but there was not a trace of it. The stain from the spray washed off, and I looked like me again!

Natalie has treated me for many things over the last four years. However, this is perhaps the most dramatic instance of her skill as a healer.

Thanks, Natalie, for keeping me feeling good, and looking even better!
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