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Rasputin Music ...more info

1820 S. Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008 (60 miles away)
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Record and CD Stores

Wanna expand your music or video library for a few bucks or discover obscure artists and films outside of the mainstream? Stop by Rasputin's and browse their crazy huge selection of used and new CDs & DVDs. I take my wife and kids there after an evening out like some families go out for ice cream. We always leave there with a grab bag full of stuff. Everyone gets something that fits their taste. I like grabbing a stack of CDs based on funky cover art. Only a couple of bucks for tons-o-tracks and I usually find a few diamonds in the rough. Another cool thing is they have a huge international section that satisfies my wife & kids interests. There's always cool music playing and don't forget to check out the t-shirts. Only thing they're missing is a Starbbucks nook.

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