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The "Client Review" widget adds your customers' reviews directly on your website. The widget works with any web page or site, including Wordpress and Drupal sites. The reviews are displayed using responsive technology, and automatically adjust their format so they can be easily read on phone, tablet or desktop. The Client Review widget can be installed with a simple copy-paste of HTML which is automatically generated from your business administration page. The appearance of the widget can be customized to match the style of your website. Prospective clients generally trust reviews hosted on third-party review sites more than self-hosted reviews. You get a double benefit - your reviews are SEO'd independently on so people can find your business via the search engines, and your reviews can be found again directly on your website. The reviews on your website are always up to date - no need to update the Client Review widget once it is installed. There is both a free and paid version of the Client Review widget. The paid version adds unlimited reviews, the ability to moderate your reviews and select reviews to feature. We also have a version of our service that is SEC and FINRA compliant for regulated financial professionals.

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Eric was so awesome and amazing I couldn't recommend anyone else

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Eric rocks!

Worked with eric and learned a ton. Would highly recommend his services

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I just adore RWOM. I like having a reputation management tool that allows me to put my best foot forward every time! I appreciate being able to hear negative feedback privately!

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I like having all my client reviews on one page. I also like knowing that people can find my reviews on Real Word of Mouth when they search my business. The feedback tool is also useful.

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