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Professionalism, integrity, and the strong desire to help individuals find their dreams are central themes in my past 25 years in business. I will guide you through one of the most challenging passages of your life, to purchase or sell one of your most important assets: your home. I will customize a program to fit your needs based on many years of successful outcomes, starting from market analysis, home preparation, landscaping, marketing your property, contract negotiations, setting buyer/seller expectations, and successfully closing, to mention a few. Communication is key throughout all of these stages, and you will find communications an integral part of my project plan.

I have lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Since graduating from U.C. Berkeley, I worked my way through engineering, management and consulting positions. Now through the abundant resources of the Sereno Group, I would like to help you realize your dream home.

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Bev Harada Real Estate

214 Los Gatos - Saratoga Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95030 (61 miles away)
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Bev is the best

I am grateful to have had Bev help me with both the purchase and sale of my home in Los Gatos. Years ago, and as a newly singly mother of three boys, Bev quickly became a trusted and true advocate for me and my family. Bev has an innate ability to connect and truly listen to her clients needs. I was in a vulnerable position back in the day, and I felt safe with trusting Bev in guiding me with the purchase of my home. Years later, it was an obvious choice to reach out to Bev to help me sell my home. The entire process went so smoothly and without a glitch. Bev is extremely organized, punctual, thorough, and knowledgeable about the housing market. She has become my go to realtor and a dear friend throughout the years. I can't say enough about Bev and what she has done for me and my family. Bev is the best realtor in the area and I highly recommend her.

Bev is exceptional

With grace laced with tenacity on top of experience steeped in practicality and application in carrying out a feat covered with many odd balls.
I speak of Bev Harada with much gratitude in my heart. As trustee for an estate, I needed an agent who could multi task and face the many challenges unknown to me. I also needed Bev to be capable of details. We had a property that was filled with years of accumulation in the house and yard, a truck that was left for too many years by a friend, who would not claim it, and stored things in a storage place behind the house that belonged to other friends.
Bev handled the accumulation like a pro, got the home cleared out as well as the yard, got the truck removed, coaxed and firmly pushed the storage stuff owned by friends quickly. Yes, there were delays but Bev’s prompts made the removal of storage items done faster than later. And after all the cleaning and touch ups with the staging of the property, on a very rainy week-end in late December, 2018, the property was sold with multiple offers – all very much qualified.
While preparations were being done to list the property, a business partner slapped an invalid lien on the property. Again, Bev was able to find a qualified and experienced contractor to exercise his expertise in evaluating the lien, and with legal counsel overseeing the negotiation, the lien was satisfied through an agreement.
In all the steps from the beginning to the final touch of the pen, the property was sold with all parties happy with the results, including me.
I cannot thank Bev enough for all that she did. Her attributes confirm she is one extraordinary realtor.
E Forrest, Trustee

Made a Life Long Friend

Bev Harada and her team are FANTASTIC! We purchased and sold a home with Bev and both experiences were exceptional. She truly goes the extra mile. Bev facilitated smooth transactions for both home purchase and sale. She has extensive resources and contacts throughout the Bay Area real estate market including staging, home repairs, and lending. Truly one stop shopping.

For the home purchase we felt that we really had a partner and expert working on our behalf. She is committed to providing a wonderful experience and works tirelessly for you. We communicated easily via email, text, and phone and she made it convenient for us to find time to meet. With the competitive Bay Area market we lost out on two properties but Bev was always positive and continued to be diligent in the search. She continuously brought us great possibilities and when we expressed interest in a property she scouted it for us and let us know if it was worth a visit or not. Bev was patient with us (we're a bit picky) and worked hard to find us a property that answered as many of our wishes as possible. When it came down to financing Bev put us in contact with a great lender who, like Bev, really went the extra mile to help us get the home we wanted. Closing was smooth and Bev was with us every step of the way.

Our home sale was also a fantastic experience. We appreciated Bev's candid feedback when it came to what needed to be done to get top dollar. She helped us stick to a timeline to maximize the market prior to the holiday season and once the house was on the market we had multiple offers at the offer deadline and ended up selling above asking. To make it even better we closed in 20 days.

We made a life -long friend in Bev and would not hesitate to recommend her as a realtor.

Exceeded our expectations in every way!

Bev Harada’s team is an experienced and remarkable combination of high performance, trustworthy, and skilled real estate professionals. They work as an interchangeable and flexible team from start to finish while each is individually competent in every aspect of the real estate sales process. They performed with high energy and expertise throughout our real estate sales transaction in Saratoga:
• Extraordinary communication, organizational skills and attention to detail was evident throughout the process
• Thorough market analysis determined our home’s best pricing strategy to accomplish our goals
• Arrangement and management of all necessary home inspections and documentation requirements assured a timely listing of our property
• Implemented a detailed vision and plan to prepare our property to show at it’s best – especially effective because the home was tenant occupied and in need of TLC
• Masterful coordination of responsible contractors including painters, stagers, gardeners and cleaners - accomplished the turnaround in 6 days!
• Widespread advertising of the property through multiple media outlets enhanced their marketing strategy – showcased our home on a variety of websites, directly communicated with all Santa Clara County realtors, provided informational pamphlets and a full page ad in the Saratoga News
• Arranged a real estate professional’s tour, including a catered lunch, scheduled Open Houses and showings.
• Clearly and efficiently presented the multiple offers we received; our property was under contract “as –is” at above asking price with a 10 day close by the end of the day of the first Open House.
• Kept us informed through the close of escrow on every detail
We are so appreciative of the collective efforts this remarkable team made to provide us with personal attention and concierge service. They have touched our lives and exceeded our expectations in every way!

An Amazing Realtor

I was so incredibly lucky to stumble upon Bev when going to a random open house. My husband and I clicked with her instantly and knew we had found the right person to help us sell our home. She made sure to get us prepped for the selling of our condo with great advice and knowledge. She answered all emails and phone calls quickly. She never left us wondering what was going on. She explained everything to us in detail and even after our home closed she helped with questions we had. I highly recommend Bev as an outstanding and above and beyond realtor. Thanks Bev!!

Bev was great. I was introduced to her through a mutual friend and she spent countless weeks working with me to find the right place. As a first time home buyer in my twenties the market is very competitive and we spent literal months working with selling agents trying to get offers in.

Bev was extremely flexible and worked hard around the clock in order to work with me, meet me at openings, and prepare all paperwork.

I had an amazing first home buying experience with Bev. Bev is creative, compassionate and gentle-coaching professional realtor who helped to flip my image for the realtors!!
My landload gave me a lease termination letter and I had 3-month to decide what to do. My friend just sold and got new place and had unbelievable experience in both selling and purchasing, so I asked them to refer Bev.

After all I look back my experience with Bev, she helped to me to have sense of housing market so that I would not be too bullish, also helped to introduce properties that meets our needs. After all, I was able to get in the contract with some creative approach Bev suggested! It worked and seller liked us so they even helped us to purchase the property as long as we match the other buyers (no need to beat others!) thanks to Bev! My family are all so happy to get the property of our dream - I keep watching what's in the market since I get in the contract but have's really seen better place!

Overall, all my family and I are very happy to get help from Bev. Highly recommend her!

Bev is nothing short of amazing! We are convinced that one of the main reasons we were able to purchase our home was because of Bev. When placing our offer, Bev presented it to the sellers and started to build a relationship with them by telling a story around us, our bid, and our plans for the home. Our offer came in at asking price, but we were outbid by another buyer. The relationship Bev made with the sellers had made such an impact that they took our offer instead! They stated one of their main reasons was Bev's connection which made them look forward to working with her.

Bev does a tremendous job of being available, involved, very responsive, and knows the market extremely well. We will definitely be purchasing our next home with Bev's help!

Bev helped us buy our first home in Sunnyvale!

She's very polite, doesn't make any unnecessary remarks and lets her clients decide on what would work for them. During our home-buying process, she was very vocal when she thought something wasn't a good buy for us and this helped us in not rushing into something bad. Also, every time we came up with a number for an offer, she would point out if she thought it was low/not a good offer , but, at the same time listen to what reasons we had for such an offer and help prepare all the papers nevertheless!

Very professional and polite and always available to answer calls and messages. She's also very patient in dealing with first time over enthusiastic/paranoid home buyers (example: us !! )

Thanks for all the help, Bev! I would surely recommend you when anyone who I know looks to buy a home!

So far we have bought two properties with Bev as our realtor, she actively managed the process for us, was very professional and helped us get deals we have been very happy with.

We will certainly be going back to her for the next one.

We have enjoyed working with Bev for a really long time. She sold one of our rental house maybe 6-7 years ago. Then continue with buying and selling properties with my two children. We have done 9 transactions with her over the past 7 years. Her attitude and professionalism far exceeds the norm in her profession. She is trustworthy and honest. She never tries to oversell and goes the distance to answer any questions you may have. Bev is a keeper for our family!

If you need a realtor Bev Harada is the one you want to hire. She is honest, friendly, professional, and enthusiastic with her clients. We appreciated her suggestions and ideas in selling our two properties. In the end she sold both of our properties quickly and for profit!

Most importantly, we found in friends in Bev and Gail Evjenth

Raymond and Eleanor Ibia, and Kirsten Ibia Loos
San Jose

Bev Harada was very organized, compassionate, professional. She helped make the process of finding a house go so smoothly! I am so thankful I had her as an agent

It has been a pleasure working with Bev to find our new home in the Bay Area for our family to grow into. Bev and her team is truly amazing in their market knowledge and hard working ethics. I've lost count how many nights we've exchanged emails late into the night past midnight strategizing our offer price or confirming plans of which house to visit the next day. Overall, I believe it's critical for a realtor agent to have quick response times and Bev went above and beyond to demonstrate that!

Bev also did a phenomenal job compiling competitive analysis data, helping us decide on a strong offer, and presenting to the seller on multiple occasions. In the end this really gave us confidence in our decision and attributed to our offer being accepted!

I would not hesitate to recommend Bev to any of our family and friends looking for a home in the bay area !

Bev has a very reassuring, professional way of dealing with the many issues that arise when purchasing a home. I have purchased many homes throughout the years, but because of Bev's knowledge and negotiating skills, my purchase with her as my representative was the easiest and smoothest transaction of all.
Thank you Bev for working so diligently to make sure everything was handled correctly and efficiently. You can be sure I will call you to handle my next home purchase.

Bev helped us buy a second home in West San Jose over a year ago and the fact that I am writing this recommendation after a year speaks volumes of her goodness and professionalism. She really managed the whole process very well and was a tremendous support to all challenging situations we experienced. Bev had a great team working for her which made our lives so much easy. No pressure, just information, guidance, and the support is what she gave us. She is very hard working and will leave no options behind when it comes to her clients. I am just waiting to buy another home through her! Thanks Bev, for everything you have done for us.

"Bev Harada is such a wonderful and great person as not only my close friend but also a realtor who found a new home for me. I would not be able to purchase my current home without her help! I truly appreciate her professionalism, trustworthiness, reliability and eagerness to make her clients happy.
As a close friend of mine for a decade, we have been working for many volunteer opportunities together and having fun together. When we decided to do house shopping, I never doubted that we would ask her for this big shopping; and I was right!
Bev is so loved by everyone who knows her. Her natural kindness and trusted personality make her professional work more professional and honest to satisfy her clients. In addition to that, I believe she is confidence in what she is doing for her clients and real estate business. Her strategy and negotiation skills are so excellent and everything she has done for us is so punctual.
Thanks to her hard work for me, I was able to purchase my new home in 2012 spring when the real estate market was at almost bottom. Once she understood our budget and preference, Bev showed me a lot of listing homes?I remember she has never pushed me to move forward although I think she knew I should purchase one of them soon because she was sure it was a big and last chance for me considering the market situation. Instead, she always encouraged me with positive way even while I was tired to find a house I liked with hopeless ? she said we would be able to find a nice house! I am sure her positive thinking was based on her skill of analyzing real estate market and experiences as a real estate professional, not emotional encouragement. Also she always respected my feeling and situation and was patient with me; moreover, she must have worked so hard behind of the scene.
I enjoy my new home and believe so do many clients of hers thanks to you, Bev!"

Hello Gail, Tim and Bev,

I want to thank the three of you so very much for both your professionalism and most of all your hard work from start to finish of the sale of my condo. Without your suggestions and drive, the sale of the condo would have never succeeded as it has. Bev's determination to get me to meet deadlines also helped with the sale of the condo. This was my first time in selling and you three made it so easy for me as you took care of all the paperwork and any legal issues. You were also there to assist in signing papers at closing which was overwhelming for me, but with you three there, made it more comfortable.

Thank you again for all your hard work. I will definitely recommend you three to future sellers and buyers.

C.L. Mayeda
Sunnyvale, CA

It is my pleasure to give a recommendation for Beverly (Bev) Harada as a very competent and professional Realtor. Bev and her team worked with me and my wife over a one year period in selling our existing home in Saratoga and then buying a townhouse in Los Gatos (Downsizing.)

First of all it is a pleasure to work with someone who has such a pleasing and supportive personality. It makes the arduous process in both selling and buying homes a workable proposition. Thank goodness for her technical expertise in these processes because we had not been involved in real estate transactions in about forty years.

Bev was very patient and supportive over this long period process and helped guide us through successful sale and purchase transactions. We toured many, many properties in the purchasing phase and Bev stuck with us in this long process.

Bev is a very hard worker and makes herself continuously available so that client inquiries are handled expeditiously. We never had to wait long to hear back from Bev on any matters that came up.

Bev knows her geographical responsibilities well and is always up to date on property availabilities. Bev has excellent planning skills and always works with the highest level of integrity.

Bev will serve you well and you will have fun working with her.

As I sit in my gorgeous sun drenched family room, I am forever indebted to Beverly Harada for making our dream home a reality. The purchasing and selling of a home is one of the most stressful things one can attempt in life. Bev efficiently handled the purchasing of our new home with some very complicated aspects as well as the selling of our prior home of twenty years. Her integrity, creativity and communication skills made her invaluable in coordinating agreements with all parties involved.

We had been silently watching the real estate market for several years and had pretty much decided that what we were looking for did not exist. When our dream home showed up on the market, Bev was able to help us breakdown the steps needed to complete both deals while keeping us sane. Her diligence allowed us to successfully complete our unplanned whirlwind of purchasing our dream home and selling the home we had built, she was able to deal with my neurotic behavior of this stressful time and make me feel comfortable. Bev Harada was very thorough and was able to navigate a very complicated title situation that I am sure no other realtor would have been able to successfully complete She was our miracle worker.

We wholeheartedly recommend Bev as our realtor who performed the double miracle of getting us our dream home and selling our home of 20 years. It certainly seemed that no matter what obstacle came up, she was able to diligently work through them.

It has been a pleasure working with Beverly Harada. I have already given her name to several people looking for a realtor.
Forever Grateful,
Sandy and Howard Miller

It was my first home purchasing and it was not easy, especially I had to do my closing oversea due to family issue. However, Bev made it possible and helped me all the way through, from house hunting to setting up the new home. Her passion, dedication, and patient are amazing! Not to mention her endless energy. I am very glad she was always available when I had questions on the houses and the documents. Her opinions are very honest and insightful. I would not be able to buy this great house if it wasn't for her; she made this purchase personal and comfortable. I will recommend her to anyone I know at anytime of the day.

Thank you Bev, you are the best!

When my husband and I needed to sell our house in Monte Sereno a couple months ago, we asked Bev for help. It was the best decision we ever made.

My husband and I are both busy professionals with 2 kids. Although we are experienced with the buying and selling of real estates, we didn't have any spare time to handle the details of marketing our own house. Bev understood this immediately and came up with a plan that exceeded our expectations. She executed it efficiently, coordinating the whole process to blend in with our family vacation to perfection. She took care of every details, met with inspectors, gardeners, cleaners, stagers, photographers so that we didn't have to miss a day of work.

Bev hosted an open house event that attracted over a hundred agents. The buzz that she created was phenomenal. And of course we were in contract with a dream deal within a matter of days.

Bev's service didn't stop there. She monitored the buyer's progress closely and kept escrow progressing on schedule. Then she took things to the next level by helping us sell all of our furniture. We expected Bev to sell our house, but never expected her to also sell our furniture. What amazing service!

Bev is definitely the best agent that we have ever worked with. And we have worked with many agents before her since we have bought and sold at least 5 other properties in the last decade. Choose Bev and you will never regret it.

I sincerely recommended Bev, Harada as a realtor. She helped us to get this perfect house within a short time. we just closed deal two weeks ago. From submitting the offer to closing the deal, under her help , everything was going very smoothly and efficiently. She worked hard in every aspect and kept us informed. It was a real pleasure to work with someone whose primary interest was to find us what we wanted and give us a right direction to go, rather than trying to get us into something that was easy for you. We really appreciated her help in navigating the myriad of paperwork needed to close the deal within our short time frame.

She is very patient and caring, and tried her best to meeting our demand during my search for a home, she was patient enough to spend the time it took for us to feel comfortable making a buying decision. I really appreciated the fact that she was not pushy.

Anyway finally from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you Bev

Dear Bev,

We would like to express our utmost sincere gratitude for your great help toward accomplishing our dream of home ownership!!!

Since we first contacted you about 3 months ago asking for your help to be our realtor, you have been working tirelessly for us around the clock, literally. Here are some of the highlights that we have to Thank You for:

-We visited a few new developments on our own initially. After informing you, you drove up to each one of them to find out *everything* about them!! We were so thrilled by the email that you sent us afterward detailing each development, including the pros and cons, schools, surroundings, resale values, etc. It was almost like an essay or some sort of official analysis. After reading it, we felt so confident we have the best realtor ever as we have never had a realtor as thorough as you!

-We have changed our mind numerous times on which house that we want to get, you have been so patient for us providing your expert advices on our questions and concerns. No matter how early or how late in the day we email you, we always get a reply from you promptly, be it at 12 o'clock midnight!! That was amazing!! We sometimes you sleep? :)

-After we finally settled down on the house that we want to buy, your professional negotiation skills got us the best deal ever!! Like credits from the seller, hardwood flooring, crown molding, paint, etc.

-When we were seeing delays from the loan end, you called them almost everyday for us to check on the status and that eventually resulted in an expedited loan approval!! We just cannot Thank You enough on this!!

Above are just some of the "highlights" [needless to mention that we caused you to sprain your ankle when you were showing us homes :(].

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely THANK YOU for all of your help and great work!! Please allow us to name you as our Realtor for life!!

Thank you very much again! And wish you the very best in everything! And hope that other families are as lucky and fortunate as us to have found you to be their Realtor!!

Ken, Maggie, and Karwyn

Dave and I have recently moved into our new home in Los Gatos. Bev represented us in our extensive search that resulted in what we believe is a perfect home for us in a great location and at a great value. If it wasn't for Bev's incredible patience with us and her willingness to lug us around to look at many homes while we figured out what was really important to us, I don't think we would have ended up in our perfect home. Many times we called on her expertise to understand neighborhood differences, valuations and the intricacies of the buying process in today's changing market. But what I remember most about our experience with Bev was her undying enthusiasm and cheerfulness from start to end. It sure made our home buying experience a happy memory.

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