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Real Reviews

Real Word of Mouth does not support anonymous reviews.
As a financial advisor, you can see the full name for the author of every public client review about your practice.
At Real Word of Mouth, we believe that a reviewer should take responsibility for what they say in public - which includes sharing their identity with the financial advisor and the community.
The result of this policy is fewer hearsay comments and fake reviews.

Public Client Reviews

There are two types of client reviews on Real Word of Mouth - public and private.
Public reviews are visible to everyone and anyone, including search engines and social media. Over 80% of your prospects will check out your business online before working with you, and you want to be ready for their searches.
Public reviews can:
  • Build your public reputation - Reviews are often the first thing prospects look for when they check you out and vet the quality of your business. Some say that the only thing worse than a negative reputation is no reputation at all.
  • Provide a reputation buffer - The worst possible scenario is that your very first and only review is a negative one. By having a number of reviews, a negative review is not the only thing a prospect will see.
  • Show your business is active and vibrant - more reviews demonstrate your experience, and show that more people choose to do business with you.
  • Keep your reputation current - Prospects are often more interested in recent reviews than older ones.

Private Client Reviews

With Real Word of Mouth, your reviews and reputation not only reach the general public, but also the personal and professional networks of your clients on Real Word of Mouth.
In addition to business profile accounts, there are users with personal accounts who share private reviews with people they know. If your client writes a public review for your business, it can also be seen by their friends, and their friends of friends, as well as the social and professional groups that your clients belong to on Real Word of Mouth.
Private reviews are different from public reviews, and have unique properties on Real Word of Mouth:
  • Permission-based - Users choose who can and cannot read their private reviews.
  • 100% Private - Users - both business and personal users - only know about reviews that they have permission to read. Otherwise, users won't even know the private reviews exist. This means that as a business owner, you cannot read private reviews about your business.
  • Public reviews are included - Although you may not know what clients are saying in private reviews about your business, you can be confident that they will also see your public reviews alongside the private reviews for a more complete picture of your business.
  • Average review rating is calculated using the reviews that you can read. This means that private reviews do not affect your public review rating.