Quality SEO in 5 minutes

Quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be part of every business strategy.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on SEO consultants, you can spend 5 minutes using Real Word of Mouth for high search engine rankings and quality traffic.

Quality SEO matters

As a business owner, you know how important quality SEO is to your success. SEO is what puts you at the top of search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo, instead of buried several pages down.  High quality SEO is how customers find you.

But high quality SEO is also a significant pain point for business owners.  You know you need it, but it’s expensive and normally requires time and hiring high-cost consultants.

Here at Real Word of Mouth, we provide high quality SEO in just 5 minutes.  And we do it without trickery, link farms, or other gray hat or black hat SEO techniques that could get you banned from search engines.

Quality SEO can be expensive

You could hire a consultant, and they will charge anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour – budget a minimum of $1000 to apply SEO to your website.  If your website has many pages, is database driven, or your services are complex or many, you could easily spend over $5000 to add high quality SEO to your site.

Google, Bing and Yahoo regularly change their search algorithms, so what may have put you on the first page of search results today, may not work tomorrow.  SEO technology is constantly changing, whether it’s open graph tags, microdata, or rich snippets, you need to take advantage of these SEO technologies to get high rankings and a high CTR (Click-Through Rate).  So to maintain your SEO quality, you end up with the high on-going cost of a reputable SEO consultant.

Quality SEO in 5 minutes

Real Word of Mouth takes the pain and high cost out of quality SEO.

Real Word of Mouth applies the latest SEO techniques to your Word of Mouth business profile.  We go beyond basic SEO of metadata and keywords that many consultants recommend.  Real Word of Mouth adds the latest open graph tags (for social networks), microdata, rich snippets and cross-linking.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time on SEO with a consultant, you can spend 5 minutes and simply add your business profile to Real Word of Mouth.

How to use Real Word of Mouth for quality SEO in 5 minutes…

  • Join Real Word of Mouth
  • Use the “Add a Business” menu to create your business profile
  • Put in your business contact information
  • Ask your clients to “Recommend” your business on Real Word of Mouth by writing a public review
  • Wait for Google, Bing and Yahoo to add your Real Word of Mouth business profile to their search engine

About Real Word of Mouth

The Real Word of Mouth website is different from other review sites because most of the reviews that our users write are shared privately and exclusively with their business colleagues, group members and friends.  In fact, nearly 70% of all reviews on Real Word of Mouth are shared privately.

Real Word of Mouth is popular with real estate, finance, legal and medical professionals.  For example, real estate agents at a brokerage firm will privately recommend and share the services they use to prepare homes with their colleagues and clients.  Event planning teams use Real Word of Mouth to share their vendor experiences privately.  Schools, parent groups, charities and non-profits similarly use Real Word of Mouth to keep track of all the services their communities use.

But our users also told us that they wanted to spread the word and publicly support the businesses they use, love and trust.  And so we engineered the most powerful SEO we could to get the word out about the businesses our users value most with their reviews and testimonials.

Quality SEO should be part of every business strategy.  With Real Word of Mouth, we offer the latest and most powerful SEO methods and technologies.  For what would normally cost thousands of dollars and hours of your time working with a consultant, can be had in just 5 minutes.