How to Become the Go-To Person for Your Clients

Real Word of Mouth is a service to help real estate agents build and maintain their relationship as the “Go-to Person” with their clients so that they remain top of mind.

I recently chatted with Jennet Nazzal, one of TRI Coldwell Banker’s top producers in San Francisco.

Jude: What’s your secret? How do you stay a top producer?

Jennet: I stay in touch with my clients long after they buy or sell their home. Buying or selling your home can be such an emotional time for people. By sending my clients emails, notes or calling them to answer their questions, I try to provide support and pertinent information for their daily lives in their new home.

Jude: What is a typical question that new homeowners ask?

Jennet: Clients want the inside scoop on the best service providers that I know and refer to my other clients so they ask me about who to use for all the everyday needs of being a homeowner…such as, who is my favorite interior designer?

Jude: How many referrals do you usually make?

Jennet: The average real estate transaction results in 8-10 professional services referrals from me to my buyer or seller. Once my client’s offer is accepted, I refer my favorite mortgage broker, title company, pest inspector, to name just a few. After the deal has closed I send my clients referrals of painters, contractors, landscapers, you name it….whatever my clients need.

Jude: What do you find most useful about Real Word of Mouth?

Jennet: I use Real Word of Mouth because it streamlines this recommendation process – I can quickly and easily send my clients detailed personal referrals with just a simple click on my computer or smartphone, and without losing my personal touch. Providing this type of service helps me be the “go-to person” for my clients – which is exactly how I want them to feel about me.

As a real estate agent I really like the built-in SEO on my Real Word of Mouth listing. My Real Word of Mouth profile comes up on the first page of Google – out of 27 pages. People pay big bucks for that kind of placement and I get it just by having my profile on!

You too can keep in touch easily with your clients while creating visibility and cementing your relationships. Be your clients’ “Go-to Person”, go to

About Jennet Nazzal

As a homeowner and Real Estate investor, Jennet Nazzal knows the nuances of each neighborhood within SF, knows the perspectives of both buyers and sellers, and strives to be the agent she *wishes* she had hired along the way.

Jennet graduated from UCLA in 1991 and has studied Business Management and Professional Leadership at Stanford University. After a very successful 10-year career as a top performer in high- tech sales and sales management, she finally decided to give in to her destiny and make residential real estate her career in 2003.

A lifetime resident of San Francisco, Jennet loves spending time with her husband and children, and enjoys all types of water/ocean/beach activities in their city by the bay.

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