Google Plus drives SEO

Why you need a Google+ Profile

  • More click throughs to your websites and webpages because your picture will make your links stand out in Google search.
  • Higher ranking of your website and webpages in search results because Google gives preference to search results that belong to people.

Your Google+ Profile tells Google what websites and webpages belong to you.  When you do this, Google rewards you with higher search rankings and will put your Google+ Profile picture next to your websites and webpages in search results.

A Google+ Profile is entirely free.  We wish Google would make the Google+ Profiles easier to create – you will need about 5 minutes to set up your Google+ Profile – but it is well worth it!  Just follow the detailed instructions below.

How does a Google+ Profile work?

There are three pieces to a Google+ Profile:

  1. Your Google+ account – this is password protected, so Google knows it is you
  2. Your websites and webpages that are listed on your Google+ Profile
  3. A special piece of code that is added to your website or webpage that confirms to Google that it really is yours

Next, we’ll show you the detailed steps to create your Google+ Profile so that your picture appears next to your Real Word of Mouth business profile in search results.

How to create a Google+ Profile

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your account, or create one if you do not have one yet
  3. Click on your name in the upper right corner, then select “View Profile”
  4. Click on “Photos” above your cover photo to add your professional photo to your Google+ Profile.  “Profile photos” to add your photo.
  5. Click on “About” above your cover photo
  6. Find the box called “Links” and click on “Edit” at the bottom
  7. Under “Contributor to”, click on “Add custom link”
  8. Make the label: “Reviews, Recommendations and Testimonials”
  9. Make the URL: “
  10. Click on the “Save” button
  11. Look at the browser URL – this contains your Google+ Profile URL.  It will look something like:, with a long 21-digit number.  NOTE: instead of the 21-digit number, you might choose a personal name like “+janesmith1”.  Custom names are okay and also work.
  12. Copy the complete URL and send it to and we will activate your Google+ Profile URL.

You’re done!  It will take 1-2 weeks for Google to recognize your Google+ Profile URL.

Testing your Google+ Profile URL

Once we activate your Google+ Profile URL, you can test to see if you set up your Google+ Profile URL correctly with the following steps:

  1. Enter the URL for your Real Word of Mouth business page here.
  2. Under “Preview”, you will see a sample of what your Real Word of Mouth business page will look like in search results.  If set up correctly, you will see your profile picture.
  3. Under the “Authorship Testing Result”, if set up correctly, you will see your Google+ Profile URL as well as your name.

Don’t want to wait for us to activate your Google+ Profile URL?  You can activate it yourself following the steps in the next section.

Add your Google+ Profile URL to Real Word of Mouth

If you want, you can add your Google+ Profile URL and activate it without our help:

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Select your Home page
  3. Select “Edit Business Profile” for your business
  4. Find the “Search Engine Optimization” box on the right (step 4)
  5. Add your Google+ Profile URL.  See Step 11 above to get your Google+ Profile URL
  6. Click on the “Update SEO” button
You’re done!  It will take 1-2 weeks for Google to recognize your Google+ Profile URL.  And you can test your Google+ Profile URL following the steps in the previous section.

If you have any questions or need help, please send an email to

These steps can also work with other websites and webpages that belong to you.  However, you will need to work with your webmaster to add the Google code needed to activate the Google+ URL for your other websites and webpages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Google+ Profile is only available to individuals, and does not work with Google+ Business Pages.  Their guidelines require the picture to be an actual picture of you as the author of the profile “About” content.  A business logo won’t work.  In addition, Google does not guarantee that the profile picture will always be shown in search results.  Google may display your picture for some searches, but not for others.



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