Crowd Sourcing versus Friend Sourcing

“Crowd sourcing” is when you rely on the “wisdom of crowds”.  The idea is that if many people think that a business or service is good, then it probably is.  You might also call this “stranger sourcing”.

“Friend sourcing” is when you get recommendations from people you know and trust, rather than from strangers.  This can be a very efficient way to get good recommendations. More on the reasons why later.

Crowd sourcing and friend sourcing each have their strengths and weaknesses, and are best applied to different kinds of businesses, but are most powerful when used together.

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How to get better recommendations

The best recommendations come from people you trust – from friends, colleagues, or known industry experts.  Their recommendations save you time and headaches, whether you are seeking professionals and services to manage your life – your family, finances, health and home – or your leisure time.

Why are recommendations from people you know so much more valuable and efficient than those from strangers?  Even if the answer seems obvious (i.e. “duh”), it still merits some discussion… Continue reading How to get better recommendations

Strengthen your community

Use a private Real Word of Mouth Group to strengthen your community by sharing recommendations and personal experiences privately among your neighbors, parents, volunteers, or other people with whom you share a common interest or goal.

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